Mohanshu is a large territory on the west coast of Bhaskara, jutting into the Suragana Ocean like a ragged leaf. Hills form the midrib, eventually becoming the mountain range which separates Mhadhavi from Devidhyaan. The southern coast of Mohanshu is dotted with coves and bays, and sandy beaches bathed by a warm southern current. In contrast, the northern coast is rocky and rugged, battered by the Suragana and an Arctic current.

The diversity of landscape contributes to a diversity of life. North of the midrib of hills, the trees tend toward nut trees and conifers. They grow tall in protective bunches that provide wind breaks. There are more fruit trees in the south, and trees tend to spread out, with wide canopies that provide open, shady areas. Game is abundant both north and south, from rabbit and hares, to various deer. There are predators, too, large and small, both mammalian and draconic. Seals and sea lions use the northern beaches for nesting. Sea turtles, and a variety of drakes, use the southern sands for their eggs.

There are many gnomish communities in the hills, and dwarven warrens in the eastern mountains. Humans have built small ports all along the coast, where ever the water is deep enough. There are many hunting and fishing villages along the north shore. The humans tend to clash with their elvish neighbors. The nomadic elves don’t alter the land to suit their needs, and the humans assume this means the land is “uninhabited.” They will spread into an area, cut down trees for room and to use as building material, cultivate the land, and disrupt long-held, well-maintained groves and game trails. These clashes are fierce but short-lived. Sometimes the humans win, and carve out a new community for themselves. Sometimes the elves win, and the humans are driven away.

In spite of these clashes over territory, the people of Mohanshu have developed a robust economy. They trade heavily with Lalika and Mahday, and with the island nations to the east.

Mohanshu is a prosperous place, with a growing population. Though magic is forbidden (or perhaps because it is forbidden), they are an inventive people. Through curiosity and ingenuity, they are perfecting old technologies and creating new ones. They are becoming a force to be reckoned with. Whether their Lord is permitting this, encouraging this, or will soon put an end to their hubris, is anybody’s guess.


Creative Commons License This work by Jean Headley is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


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