Tribal Nations

Mountain Tribes

The Rocky Mountains are populated by small tribes of people much like the Coastal tribes.  They are more war-like, however, continually fighting each other over territory.  Once again, Magi and Psychics are welcomed as Shamans and holy people.  Naturally, this makes them enemies of the Mormons.  They delight in raiding the eastern edges of Mormon territory and this occasionally unites tribes for a time.  The Mountain tribes are more nomadic than the coastal tribes, moving into warmer country during the winter and back up into the mountains during the short summer.  Each tribe also tends to claim a range of land over which they will hunt and gather foodstuffs.  Some of them have also developed an affinity for a specific animal, and will keep one or more of that animal as a living totem.


Covering all of Montana, North and South Dakota, and northward into Saskatchewan and Manitoba is the land of the Lakotah, the largest and strongest of all the tribal nations.  Comprised of hundreds of separate tribes, the Lakotah are a warrior people, always maintaining their boundaries.  The separate tribes do not always get along but there are strict rules governing inter-tribal conflicts.  In this way the Nation is not destroyed by internecine warfare but strengthened by it.  Like all the tribal people, religion is very important to the Lakotah, and their belief systems are odd mixtures of ancient Native American, Christianity and Druidism/paganism.

They consider their children to be their most precious asset, their future.  Abuse is not tolerated, and children are given a free reign.  That’s not to say they aren’t disciplined, and they are expected to be obedient.  The Lakotah consider their elders to be their other most precious asset, the wisdom of the past.  A man’s family is expected to care for his parents and his wife’s parents all the days of their lives.

The Lakotah are insular and most trading is done within the Nation.  However, there are Holy men, Powerful Traders, who occasionally bring goods from other lands.  Traders are treated with respect.  Their status as Holy men allows them to move freely, so they often make good mediators between warring tribes.

Each tribe is governed by a Chieftain and a Shaman.  The Chief sees to the tribe’s physical needs: food, clothing, shelter, safety.  The Shaman sees to the tribe’s spiritual needs: guidance, counseling, and Healing.  Together they care for their community, with the Elders advising them.

((For a better understanding of Sonora’s Tribal nations, check out the Children of The Earth series, by Michael Gear and Kathleen O’Neal Gear.  The first book is titled People of the Wolf.  ))


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