Jamie McFadden

James “Jamie” McFadden

Physical Description

Jamie is of average height and stocky build, dark haired and dark complexioned, with brown eyes – all in all unremarkable in physical appearance, just the way he likes it. He wears ordinary clothing – cotton, denim and leather. His favorite weapon is an old steel rod, which he keeps hanging from his belt.


James McFadden was born to an itinerant merchant and an unlucky prostitute. Raised in the poorest cat-house in the poorest section of Ellay by a group of 25 women (he never knew which one was his actual mother) he quickly learned the arts of defense and bartering. He also learned pick-pocketing and petty theft, fleecing the ladies’ customers and earning a little extra money for himself. When he was 13 the Madame wanted to add him to her stable.  He reluctantly left the house to live on the streets by wit. At 15 he hooked up with Maggie Magee, accompanying her as a guard for a short merchant trip to Frisco. He and Maggie have been friends ever since, though they act like the worst of enemies, continually engaging in verbal sparring.

After that first trip to Frisco, Jamie was enamored of the tradesman’s life, imagining that all merchants were wealthy, powerful men. He began arranging his own trades, with enough of the street attitude that he didn’t care whether his trades or goods were legal.

He has never achieved the wealth he craved, and several poorly planned business transactions have put him into debt. He is still an optimist and a charmer, and lives by wit alone. He has a reputation for being a schemer, something of a rake, and a dabbler in illicit trading. He has a way with words and bribes that has so far kept him off the gallows.

Recently, Jamie bought a map that is supposed to lead to a city hidden deep in Mechico’s jungles, a city of untold riches and unimaginable powers, a repository of all the secrets of the ancients.  He also recently heard a wandering minstrel singing an ancient tale about a fabled city named Shamballa.  Jamie believes the song holds clues to the location of Shamballa and that together with the map he has a chance of finding it.  He is unaware that the map merchant and the minstrel were working together.  The scammers, however, are unaware that Shamballa is real….




  • Strength:  6                  Agility:   7                 Stamina: 7
  • Reason:  6                   Fortitude:  8                Soul: 2
  1. Attack Base = Agility + Reason [+ Combat skill] : 13+
  2. Defense = Agility + Reason + Hand-to-Hand skill : 18
  3. Speed = Agility + Fortitude : 15
  4. Health = Strength + Stamina + Fortitude : 21
  5. Power = Stamina + Reason + Soul : N/A


Skill                Level    Attack#    Damage/Effect

  • 1) Hand-to-hand    5          18               3
  • 3) Bludgeon          5           18               7
  • 2)Bartering           5           11
  • 4) Alertness          5           11



Creative Commons License This work by Jean Headley is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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