Sonoran States

The Sonoran States

More a random collection of barely surviving villages than a nation, the Sonoran states are located, sparsely, throughout the Sonoran desert.  Each village or town is self-sufficient and self-sustaining or it doesn’t survive.  They are also consumed with self-interest.  The Sonorans are a ruthless people, as tough and hostile as the land they live in.  Many of them are criminals who have escaped the law in other places.  They often form bands of 10-20 men to raid the Eastway trade route which runs through Sonora.  Raiding also carries them north into Mormon, and west to the coast.  For the last decade or so, any raiders going east have disappeared.

Religion is scoffed at and worship is considered a weakness fit only for women.  Women, for their part, rely on Religion to get them through as they are little better than slaves.  A woman has no say in marriage, or in any aspect of life, really.  If she has a father, he will negotiate a marriage for her based on advantageous alliances for himself.  If she is without that small protection, she will likely belong to the first man to claim her.  All a man has to do to divorce his wife is announce it, and she is alone and without protection.  Divorced women often become prostitutes.  Children are the property, literally, of their father, and he may use them, abuse them, sell them or kill them at his whim.  A boy becomes a man at 14, and a girl becomes a woman when she has her first menstrual period.  It is not uncommon for a man to marry a young woman as a second or third wife, keep her pregnant, and sell the children as slaves as soon as they’ll bring a fair price.


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