The capital of Velloren is a large port city that began as an Alfar Grove.  The Heart tree still stands in the middle of the city, surrounded by a park and gardens.  There are smaller parks throughout the city, each centered on a daughter tree of the Heart.  This system of parks and gardens is maintained by an enclave of Druids, and they ensure the health and vitality of the city.

To the west is the Dragon Gate, largest of the city’s three gates.  A contingent of the King’s Guard is housed in the towers of the Dragon Gate.  This was once the main gate to the city, and there is a caravanserai on the “outside” of the gate, but the city has grown.  Nearly half the population now lives and works outside the city walls.  To the north is the Giant’s Gate, said to be just large enough to allow one giant to pass through.  In addition to its strange height there are obvious elements of Alfar stonework including the white stone used in the gate and the nearby sections of wall, suggesting that this is part of the original Alfar Grove.  Velloren Keep, located near the Giant’s Gate, also has elements of Alfar architecture.  The Keep was constructed with a combination of the white stone of the Alfar, and the brown and tan stones native to the area.  No one knows where the white stones came from, or how they were transported.

To the south is the Gryphon Gate, named for the stone gryphons perched on top of the guard towers.  It is believed that the gryphons will come alive and help defend the city if she should ever be attacked.

King Hunfrid, when he was still a prince, urged his father to begin construction of an outer wall.  His father refused, believing the project to be a waste of effort and resources.  Once King Hunfrid ascended to the throne, he issued a royal decree to begin work on the Outer Wall.  Within the month the first stones were laid.  In the ten years since, construction has been delayed several times for various reasons, and only a third of the wall has been completed.

Nearly a million people live in Koenigsburg, and half a million more live in the surrounding farmland.  Many Duerfar, Alfar, and even Dokkalfar call Koenigsburg home.  There are several gnomish Burrows and Halfling Shires within the city limits as well.

As a major port, Koenigsburg is an eclectic city, as much a cultural center for Velloren as an administrative one.

Creative Commons License This work by Jean Headley is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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