BrineWater Market

The largest Wobble-Grass community west of Feets-Wet Cross-Market, Brinewater Market serves as one of the major trade centers between the west coast city-states and the nations on the east coast. Situated near the southern gulf coast, it has wide, deep waterways and a cadre of specialists who work hard to keep them that way.

A diverse town, it’s still primarily populated by gnomes, halflings, swamp goblins, and marskalfar, the marsh elves. There are more humans living in Brinewater than live in Feets-Wet, but they are still very much a minority. And there are very few duerfar.

Like Feets-Wet, Brinewater is ruled by a council, each member chosen by their own people, in their own fashion. Only the human councilor has a hereditary position. Presently, the council consists of three women (the gnome, Juney Hoppers; the Alfar, Lathamanjari; and the goblin Babu Kawaye) and three men (the halfling, Jehr Kivindyo; the human, Niranjani Bindoo; and the Duerfar Darl Kimbra). They work well together and they consider each other as friends even though there are many heated discussions and, rarely, shouted arguments.

The Brinewater Market community hall, the Healer’s hall, and the Upwater Inn serve as Brinewater’s emergency shelters. When hurricanes and other foul weathers threaten, the townsfolk gather in these three buildings to ride out the storms. The shelters are also used when other dangers threaten, such as hunting water drakes or giant snakes, popplebump infestations, or attacks from the frog-men of the swamp, the Ombre-rana.

Brinewater Market is famous for exceptionally soft down-feathers collected from the local water fowl, exquisite pearls harvested from carefully maintained oyster “gardens”, and popplebump potions and poisons.


Photo by Chloé Lam on Unsplash


Creative Commons License This work by Jean Headley is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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