Mira – Priestess of the Temple of the Moon

Mira has been with the temple since she was five years old, growing up surrounded by the love, compassion, and dogma of the church. Consequently, she is an exceptionally kind, generous, and gifted Healer. Though she is only seventeen, she is one of the church’s strongest priestesses. Many believe she is destined to become Mother Superior. A few people, higher in standing but lesser in ability, resent this. Mira is blissfully unaware.

She is a lithe young woman, of average height, with softly curling black hair, light brown eyes, and olive skin. Graceful and gentle, she nearly always has a smile. If you ask about her family though, she gets a haunted look, and politely declines to speak of them. Few people realize, even in the Temple, that Mira was sold to them by her mother shortly after her father died. Mira has not seen her mother, or her brothers, since that day.

She has a habit of taking in strays: cats, dogs, orphans; a habit which annoys her superiors. The church does have limited resources, and Mira’s generosity sometimes taxes those resources. Mira overtaxes herself, as well, pushing herself past her limits in order to help others. Three times she has been confined to the living chambers of the Temple because she nearly killed herself by trying to heal another.

Though Mira is an intelligent woman, wise beyond her years, and more powerful than expected, her kind heart leaves her vulnerable to those who would exploit or abuse her. Only her life within the Temple protects her and as she becomes more powerful and influential, even this may not be enough.

Creative Commons License This work by Jean Headley is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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