Character – Grelna

Yesterday I got to play in my very first Adventurer’s League (AL) game, and it was a blast.  I got to meet some new, awesome people, and immerse myself in another world with them.  We had a good DM, a fun module (5 chapters!) and active players.  I love the character that I played; she’d been in the back of my mind for a long time and I never thought I’d get the chance to play her, much less to play her in the AL.

Quick Info, from the AL FAQ, available here:

The D&D Adventurers League encompasses all organized play for Dungeons & Dragons, and uses the fifth edition rules. The organization is maintained by Wizards of the Coast.

So this is Grelna, in all her nascent glory (minus world-specific details)

Grelna’s parents met during one of her mother’s many adventuring missions. Ingulf was in a spot of trouble, and Ulla rescued him. She convinced her companions to spare Ingulf and instead recruit him to their company. They adventured together for many months. Adventuring, however, is a very dangerous profession and when Ulla discovered she was pregnant they decided they’d had enough.

Two half-orcs alone are vulnerable, especially with a baby. They weren’t particularly welcome in any community, and neither wanted to subject their baby to the violence and cruelty of the orc tribes, so they decided to start their own community. They recruited several like-minded half-orcs, and began a nomadic village. It was a difficult life, and still dangerous, but they were free and had a modicum of safety in their numbers.

Two years after Grelna was born, her little sister Firda was born.  Their baby brother, Gerolt, was born three years after that.  By that time the little tribe had six families, and by the time Grelna was twelve they were eleven families strong.

Grelna has always been fierce and fearless.  She loved weapons training more than hunting, and would spend hours pestering her Poppi for stories, and begging him to show her his great sword, Rosethorn. Neither Ingulf nor Ulla ever let on that the sword actually belonged to Ulla – they didn’t want to encourage Grelna in her adventurous ambitions. It didn’t matter. Grelna eventually bought a great axe, named it Rosebud, and took off to seek glory and fortune.

Grelna wants to explore the world and live life to its fullest. She also wants to fight stuff. Above all, she wants her parents and her clan to be proud of her, and to be worthy of her “father’s” great sword. She has no set plans, and is perfectly happy to go wherever the work takes her. She maintains strong ties with her family and clan, and visits as often as  possible. She believes it is her duty to provide the clan with good strong children – someday (and Firda is happily trying to find her a good strong man to do the job!) She is brash, and sometimes reckless, and generally thinks all problems are nails and she’s a war hammer. She is not rude – Momi would kill her. She is often thoughtless, though, and causes harm through carelessness. Which she apologizes for. Please don’t tell Momi.

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