the Sonoran States

This week, a little about the area that gave the game world its name: the Sonoran States.  They’re not really “states”.  They’re just a collection of villages and towns living on the raggedy edge inside North America’s hottest desert, the Sonora.  They’re self-interested bastards, ruthless and cruel.  If anyone ever manages to bring them together under a single banner, the rest of the continent will be in serious trouble.

the Sonoran States

This week I also want to shout out to some fine folks making awesome game-related content.

Dyson Logos, of Dyson’s Dodecahedron – he makes great maps and adventures.

Neal Litherland, who has two blogs:

  • Improved Initiative, a gaming related blog that addresses everything from character concepts to dungeon dressing
  • the Literary Mercenary, a blog for writers. It’s great advice for any story creating you might want to do.

and M Stephen Joy, @  He draws maps of dungeons, towns, temples, ships – even star ships. You’ll also find the occasional cartoon or game resource like the Adventure Planner.

Check these guys out, and if you like their work consider supporting them on Patreon.


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