Christmas in July

Hey everybody! The DMsGuild is having a Christmas in July sale. There is a ton of fantastic  stuff on sale, including my very own Temple of the Mad Dragon Priestess! Check it out now @




How Well the Thing is Doing

As of this morning I’ve had 19 sales of my module, “Temple of the Mad Dragon Priestess.” That’s so freaking cool! As a first-showing, I’m pleased with this.
     If you’re one of the 19, Thank You! ❤️ Let me know what you think, what you liked, what you didn’t like, and where you think I could improve.
      If you haven’t already purchased it, and you’re curious, you can grab a copy for only $1.95 here:
     This is an adventure for Dungeons and Dragons, 5th edition, set in the Forgotten Realms.  It’s for a party of 4-6 characters beginning at 1st level.  I tried to write it friendly enough for new dungeon masters and new players.

I Did A Thing

It’s been a while since I posted anything, and I’m happy to show you one of the reasons why:

I published my first Dungeons and Dragons module on the DMsGuild @

Blackstone Cave was once a smugglers’ lair, but it was cleared out decades ago. Now there are strange noises coming from the cave, and local authorities are afraid smugglers and bandits have taken up operations again.  What will the adventurers find? More importantly, will they be able to survive the machinations of the Mad Dragon Priestess?

Temple of the Mad Dragon Priestess is a two to six hour adventure for first level characters. It is a straightforward dungeon-crawl with exploration, traps, combat, and opportunities for role-paying. The module includes 15 pages detailing Blackstone Cave and the enemies within, full stat blocks for the boss and her lieutenant, and two maps of the lair and the temple below.

Luiz Prado ( created this gorgeous cover for me.


Happy Holidays!

I had a post planned for this week but you’re not getting it until next week because


Wrapping, shopping, more wrapping, visiting relatives, a little unwrapping, an impromptu D&D 5e game with extra players, more wrapping, and now more shopping (for foods)

Whatever you are doing this Holiday weekend, whatever you are celebrating (and I hope you are celebrating something):

May you have a wonderful, glorious, messy, memory-making Holiday!

With love, from Jean Nadira, World-walker Extraordinaire

Misc. Maps

So I was looking at my uploaded maps on another computer, and saw that there were clear grid lines on the maps that were supposed to be without grids.  It’s weird: on one PC there are no lines.  On another, clear lines.

I’ve uploaded revised no-grid maps.  You can view and download them at these links:


Update:  It seems to be monitor settings.  Moved my pc back to my “spot” today, and could clearly see the lines.  Interesting.

These maps are still free for personal use.  Contact me if you’d like to use them for any other purpose.  Send e-mail to, and mention both this blog and the maps in the subject line.

Happy Gaming!


Some Maps

Hello, my fellow World Walkers!  I decided to take a break from the blog writing and play with some other creative endeavors instead – give my mind a little time to recharge.  So I give to you a couple of random maps.  There are grid and grid-less versions, but the grids look a little funny because Scanners. Hey, who knew?  I’m just getting back into mapping and I’m having the relearn some skills, including the photo-manipulation required to pretty them up for the Internet.

To download the maps, click on the LINKS.  You can download the full sized maps from DeviantArt.  I’m still working on how to make them available directly from the blog.

I would love to hear about it if you use these maps!

These are free for your personal use.   They are still published under this Creative Commons license:

Creative Commons License This work by Jean Headley is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.





The Western Lands

A quick update to the introduction of Erde’s western City-States.

In The West


Mundane update: You may have noticed that the blogs have been erratic lately.  Personally, this is distressing.  I worked hard to establish and maintain a routine, and I hate that it’s been so thoroughly disrupted the last couple of months.  The truth is Life has been throwing curve balls at us, and we’re still dodging.  I’m trying to establish a new routine but it’s been difficult.  I hope you’ll bear with me.

Thank you, to all of my readers and subscribers.  You don’t know how much you mean to me.


The Alley Cats Tavern

The jump drive is definitely fixed.  I took the ship home, had one of the engineers double-check my work (she replaced the fuel generator and about half the bio-gel in the computer, and cussed me out the whole time for what I’d done to “her” meaning my ship.)  To celebrate, I decided to find someplace new in Koenigsburg.  I was directed to a tavern called the Alley Cats, in a poor section of the city.

It’s an interesting place, run by a trio of ex-adventurers.  If you’re ever in Koenigsburg, I recommend it.

Click the link here for more: The Alley Cats


Creative Commons License This work by Jean Headley is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

City of the Setting Sun

Last, but certainly not least, is the city called Golden Path of the Setting Sun.  Western names are beautiful, but they are a mouthful.  This city is the largest of the west coast cities, both in terms of territory and population.  It’s the only western city to include floating fishing towns within its borders.  The city is laid out in overlapping circles centered on fifteen plain megaliths.  I haven’t been able to find any information on where the stones came from, or how they got there.  I didn’t even find any of the usual “the gods did it’ legends.

I think I have the jump drive on my ship repaired, and I’m going to test it tomorrow.  In the meantime, click the link for a synopsis of the information on Golden Path of the Setting Sun.


Creative Commons License This work by Jean Headley is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

City of Divine Peace

Eight years ago (Erde’s time) a minor noble seized power in the city of Divine Peace.  Proclaiming himself a god on earth and king of the city, he adopted the name Sozetsu Kyoi.  While the name is generally taken to mean Sublime Thunder, it can also mean Imminent Danger.  And while the city is quite peaceful, it’s more the quiet before the storm…  or the peace of the grave.

I don’t believe I will be touring there any time soon.

Read more:  Divine Peace



Creative Commons License This work by Jean Headley is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.