I wanted to do something different this week, so I wrote about one of my favorite homebrew classes: The Rootless.  This isn’t a class like fighter, mage, or rogue.  This is a class of people like farmers, merchants, noblemen, or craftsmen.  They are considered holy people, and a little out of their minds.  Like kleptomaniacs can’t help but steal, the Rootless can’t help but explore and learn.  Though the Rootless were created for a fantasy world, they can be adapted to any setting.  In a science fiction world they would be scientists, scholars, and explorers.

You can read all about them by clicking this link: The Rootless

I got the name, and the idea, from a song by S. J. Tucker titled, you guessed it, Rootless.  There is a beautiful sign-language performance of this song on YouTube, here:

Have a great weekend, and may you discover something new every day!



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