Pre-made Modules

Every now and then a GM needs a little help.  Sometimes you’ve got real life to deal with (more than usual).  Maybe you’ve hit a creative slump.  Or, if you’re really lucky, the crew happens to be together and decides to have an impromptu game night.  Yay!  BUT – you have nothing prepared.  No scenario, no maps, no monsters or npcs, nada.

It r gon be k

Random Dungeon Generators are an awesome resource for those unexpected meetings. My favorites are Myth-Weavers @, and donjon;RPG Tools @  Both sites generate random dungeons, with a ton of customization options, and will populate the dungeon or cave with traps, monsters, and random stuff.  As the GM you need only come up with a reason for why the characters are there.  And that can be as simple as, “You come upon the entrance to a strange cave.”

I also like pre-generated modules.  They take a little more preparation time, but you can skim through the material while the players are getting their stuff together.  Even if you prefer to do everything yourself and your games take place in a home brewed world, the modules are easily adapted to your setting and campaign.

You can purchase professionally made adventures at your local game store, or online through sites like Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  Paizo, (Pathfinder and Starfinder RPGs) offers adventures for their games, including some free downloads, at .  For non-professional adventures and modules, try Drive Thru RPG @  They offer products for a variety of RPGs, at reasonable prices.  Their sister site, Dungeon Masters Guild, offers a ton of modules and adventures for D&D 5e.

I’ve had the pleasure and privilege to get sneak peaks of the D&D 5e modules created by Jeff C. Stevens.  If you need a pre-made adventure, I recommend checking out his.  He writes with humor, and creates memorable situations and NPCs.  I’m currently running my players through a heavily-modified (for world consistency) version of his “The Secret of Karnov Mansion” and we’re having a blast with it.  You’ll find his adventures at the Dungeon Masters Guild site.

If you have any resources for GMs that you like to use, please share!  I’d love to hear them.

May glory and fortune be yours!

~Jean Nadira, Journeyman Worldwalker



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