The Cord of Wishes

The fifth artifact installment: The Cord of Wishes.  This little beauty was created from hair and imbued with the spirit of a witch.  It became so powerful, after a lifetime of use, that it can hold wishes.  Simply (hah!) clearly envision your intent as you put a knot in the cord and then, when you release the knot it, the wish is released.

Click the link to the Legendary Artifacts page.

I’ve removed all game mechanics from the write-ups, so if you want to use this one I recommend rolling a d4 (d12 and d20 work too) to determine how many spells are already knotted into the cord.  A roll of 4 means the cord is empty.  It’s up to you what spells are in the cord, or if a wish is already knotted into it.  The Cord can be used indefinitely if it only holds spells.  Only after releasing the third wish will it disappear and return to the dryad’s Grove.

There’s a lovely ice storm in Missouri this weekend, and I am grateful that I am home and not stuck at work/a hotel as was possible.  Stay well, be safe, and happy gaming!


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