Update on The Thing

Shortly after I published my D&D adventure I was contacted by Travis Legge and asked if I wanted to include it in a compilation that would be available for print copies (as well as .pdf)?  Heck yeah! I sent a copy of my adventure, and they said, Sure! Looks good. We’ll do it. I am absolutely honored to be included. Many thanks to Travis and M.T. Black.

After much work by folks making sure the various modules were the best they could be (yeah, I had to go through and fix stuff I’d missed. Ooops.) and other get-it-ready-for-print stuff, the book is now available on the Dungeon Masters Guild. (DMsGuild.com)  It includes 7 amazing adventures from 7 talented writers (8 if you count me and mine), suitable for character levels 1 – 9. The .pdf is only $9.95.  Go check it out!


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