Worship in Mawali

I have found Tamzy’s herbs in an unexpected place: a druid Grove in the middle of Mawali. The druids were happy to harvest and prepare some for me.  Wow, that stuff’s expensive. I was chatting with one of them as we walked through the Grove and he told me an amazing story: as an infant, his parents left him at the Well in the heart of the Grove. Apparently they couldn’t afford to take care of him so they gave him to the Earth Mother. He was raised by the druids and though he considers himself a part of their Order (the Order of the Oasis) his powers are quite different. He doesn’t hoard them, either, but expends his energy every day in the surrounding areas, curing people, healing them, blessing newborns and newlyweds, and laying the dead to peaceful rest. In return, every year his Lady gives him more power and more responsibility.

His story led me to research how the people in Mawali worship their deities. You can read what I discovered by clicking this link: Worship in Mawali.

Have a blessed day, fellow travelers.


Creative Commons License This work by Jean Headley is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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