Circle of the Star

I am waiting for a ship to take me back north.  The weather has kept ships in port for several days now. Captain Hiyami and the Nomah sailed out yesterday, in defiance of the weather, but they were traveling south. I decided that, while waiting for fair winds, I would investigate the Circle of the Star. This is the guild of magicians responsible for protecting Mawali from pirates, raiders, or truly foul weather. They are an interesting group, open and welcoming on the surface. They offered to test me and welcome me into the Circle should I prove magically inclined. I politely declined and removed myself from the tower. I have learned in my travels that it’s best if the natives don’t discover my ability to move between the many worlds.

In any case, if you wish to know more about this Circle — all Yoremban mages guilds are called Circles – curious —  if you wish to know more, click this link: The Circle of the Star.

Isha Nawhei! and please, for the love of gods, practice safe spell casting.


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